I think you are doing a wonderful job of running your business and your staff are amazing.
Marcus has loved his time there and Sarah has always been so patient and kind to him and he has really learned so much and built a special confidence in himself, so for all of that I can’t thank you all enough!
Hope you have a wonderful holiday and looking forward to speaking to you again in the future,

They know what I am capable of (much better than I do) and are very good at pushing me (all of us) to make sure we work hard to get the best results. Kim’s energy drives us and his empathy and innovation ensure he tweaks and changes things to keep us all on the right path. When I started training, it was never about weight loss, but my mental health, something I can now freely talk about.

I had committed the previous 19 years to my family and had forgotten myself, I was depressed, lost and wanted to leave my life behind and forget. Today I’m much fitter and definitely mentally stronger – I feel healthier, I sleep better, I have more energy I even run! (yuk!!) Personal training with a group and the team have helped me achieve beyond any expectations For anyone sitting on the fence, I’d say go for it.

It is a safe environment which allows you at any fitness level to reach even smash your goals and maintain them. I was surprised how quickly and how much I began to enjoy my sessions, a sentiment I’ve heard by everyone who is part of this amazing training group. I recommend KrazdFit to anyone that wants to make a positive change to their lifestyle. It’s without question amazing & beyond doubt worth it.


“When I started training with Kim and his team at Krazdfit, I hadn’t exercised in four years.

I had lower back pain and could barely walk when I got out of bed in the morning. My goal was to exercise 3 times a week and on Kim’s advice I chose a combination of strength training and cardio sessions.

Nine months later, two days after my 40th birthday, I completed my first ever half marathon and ran all the way. When I felt like stopping I could hear Deb saying to me “Keep going, your legs won’t fall off. If they do you can stop!”.

I loved every minute of it and finished in 2 hours and 21 minutes, 9 minutes faster than planned!

12 months after I started training with Krazdfit, I had no more back pain and my bone density scans showed a 3.2% increase in my lumbar spine and 1.3% in my hip.

I’ve loved training with Kim and all the people I’ve met at Krazdfit who have made me feel comfortable exercising and challenging myself. I’ve tried boot camp, boxing, run the hills and lakes of Sunbury and tried cross country running and although I’m yet to achieve a ‘proper’ burpee I’m sure it’s not too far away.

Most important of all, we have fun, the sessions are a great laugh and I highly recommend you to join in.”


Fourteen years ago I came to the conclusion that if I kept up my current lifestyle of working long hours, eating all the wrong things and not exercising that I would be flat out seeing my Daughter start High school let alone see how she would go as an adult.

The only letterbox leaflets I used to read were the ones from fast food outlets, except for one day when I read one from personal trainer Kim Aldred.

He offered a new avenue of fitness as I had grown tired of visiting gyms where people tended to work out for 5 minutes, then stare at themselves for half an hour afterwards in the mirrors provided.

Fourteen years later I have completed events that I thought had passed me by and were now beyond me. Run for the Kids, Marysville half marathons, 50 km Docklands to Donvale just to name a few. I even did an event I hadn’t done in over 25 years-The City to Surf in Sydney.

My favourite though has been the Winter Warrior at Lake Mountain. Less than 100 competitors braved the elements-with Kim and I being two of them. Three and a half hours in snow doing an obstacle course was just awesome!

I’m still hopeful of being picked up in the AFL draft, after 38 straight years of being overlooked, I feel this year may be it!


There is so much write about enjoyment with training and benefit. Take your pick and I will back up anything you choose

Enjoyment about training – two items

  1. No matter how cold, windy, wet or hot weather, the Welcome Board outside the oval, always gets set up before everyone shows up for training. For over 12 years, the fitness training team led by Kim have never failed that promise and commitment to be prepared to offer their support. That commitment and discipline played a good part for my great start and ongoing success.
  2. The moment I approach the park or oval, while most of Sunbury people are still in bed, you witness that positive atmosphere of individual members getting out of their cars with towels, training equipment, etc. to be welcomed by their special nicknames and hugged by their dedicated fitness instructors as soon they walk towards the Famous Red van or outdoor training set up. Personally this positive atmosphere brings me energy and always helped to pursue the challenges mixed with unexpected training program. Every session offered new routine.

The Benefits

The 2016 AFL Grand Final was watched at Footscray Hospital due to being diagnosed with having blood cloths in my lungs. This incident was a wakeup call. Few months after taking blood thinner medication and finally hospital specialist confirmed that my blood cloths have cleared, I considered my health to be more important than work. The daily long hours travelling, stressful work and feeling exhausted every night led me to find ways to change my lifestyle. My initial Goal was to get my physical and mental health in order.

Luckily, one fine Friday morning, I met with Kim at Sunbury Train station giving out fruit and leaflets for a free training trial. The following Sunday, Kim calls me and I accepted to join for my first Cardio session on Monday 6th February 2017. The first Goal written in my progress diary notes was to lose 18kgs by Sept 2017. Thanks to Kim and his personal trainers, my Goal was achieved with flying colours. The benefit of training at age 57 led me to participate for my first time running event at Marysville in November. Kim convinced me that my level of fitness was strong and fit for the 10km event. I took his advise and managed to complete the run in 1hour and 15mins along with ten other SIL team members.

The benefits of training led me to a regular healthier life. Attending regular exercise over the last three and a half years with Kim allowed me again to participate for Marysville 10km runs over the following years. In the same period I also participated twice with the 10km runs at Melbourne Marathon festivals.

Other benefits welcomed by my regular GP and Endocrinologist include not having to rely on medication to control my thyroids. Each time I visit them for regular medical checkups, they recommend to maintain with whatever I am doing. Over the last eight weeks, thanks to KRAZD Fit connections and the online KRADZ support, I am able to run approx 7kms twice a week in 42 minutes.

I cannot wait for the COVI19 restrictions to be lifted and get back to the friendly family atmosphere established by Kim, Maggie, Deborah and Zara


I have trained with Kim for more than 7 years.

He is incredibly supportive, with a positive attitude, a good sense of humour,  and has changed my life for the better.

He knows he can push me to reach my goals, but also knows when I can’t go further and there is no judgement.  When I started with him I put on my wish list that I wanted to run 3km – Within four years of training with Kim, I ran a 50km ultra marathon.

I feel very good once I have done a sessions and cannot wait to go to his next class.

I highly recommend him as a personal physical trainer!!  Louise Bester  – Oct 2020


Kim has been my outdoor trainer for 13 years, since I was 43.He’s experienced and always positive and encouraging. He makes training fun, but pushes you to get the best out of yourself.

Outdoor small group training is ideal for me. It provides flexibility with training programs and encourages a natural social interaction between people in the group.  I find it more enjoyable than gyms, other indoor exercise and individual training, so I keep coming back and have met some wonderful and inspiring people along the way.

The structure of scheduled sessions gives me a routine and helps me stay on track. Kim will help you set and achieve your health goals. He is always checking on my progress, offering assistance and encouragement with dieting and health. Kim customizes programs to accommodate his client’s individual circumstances, such as injuries, fitness level and capabilities. And he provides all the equipment required for your training.

Overall it’s damn good value and great for your health and wellbeing.

I am looking forward to another 13 years.

Mighty Mark Miller


I have been training with Kim and his team for 12 years.

The most enjoyable part is the team environment where people help each other and want to see each other do well.

Getting outdoors in the fresh air with other like-minded people is great for fitness and clears your head from all the work stuff going on around you.

Lots of different classes and time slots and never gets boring, the trainers always freshen it up and do different things.


Through Kim’s guidance as my personal trainer he has shown me his appreciation to myself and other people’s feelings, and is quick to detect any slight change, signals or influences that present themselves in any given situation.

Kim is a lively enthusiastic and engaging personal trainer who has the innate ability to read these signals from clients as well as to understand their own personal strengths and weaknesses.

In the 4 years I’ve been training under Kim I’ve created a mutual trust and a feeling of friendliness among the other members. This is important to me because of the countless hours I trained by myself in a gym. It’s the tremendous sense of camaraderie you experience when you train with all the members at KAZDFIT.

Well done guys and thank you.

I honestly recommend Kim as your personal trainer. One highly skilled individual who thoroughly understands the human anatomy and is able to help you accomplish your goals with passion. Here’s to health and longevity.

Mark “Mars” Robson