Infant swimming lessons are about bonding with a swimming buddy and enjoying the water; through song, play and specialised water activities.

Preschool Buddy

Preschool - Buddy Level is our progression from Tinytots classes. Working closely with parents in the pool we transition to a more formal lesson format and build the safety & confidence of our littlies.


In our preschool level, children no longer have a parent/buddy with them in the water. They will be concentrating on water confidence, breath control, buoyancy and movement. 

School Age

School age swimmers will still be concentrating on independence, water confidence, breath control, buoyancy and movement. There is a strong focus on personal confidence building and survival skills.

Junior Development

For any age group where the child is beginning to swim safely & independently with confident ability in all strokes.
Through specialised drills and assessment teachers assist students in fine tuning their technique.


The KickStart Swimming Program offers swimming lessons for children with specific learning needs and autism. Classes are structured to meet the individual needs of these children & their families.

Holiday Program

The Berrydale Swim School Holiday Program is a week of intensive swimming that is held the first week of school holidays in Autumn, Winter & Spring. The Summer Program is held mid January.


Beginners and timid adults are welcome.
Our patient teachers are able to work at a pace comfortable for you. 
We can also assist with stroke correction for the more able swimmer.