Enrolment Information

Enrolments are accepted on a term by term basis.


So we can give your child the best experience it is essential to place them in the appropriate swimming class, suitable to their abilities and confidence levels. To achieve this we like to assess each child individually before committing you to a lesson time.

Assessments are important to help you and your child become acquainted with our school and staff. It allows time for us to let you know about us and you have time to ask questions. Being by yourself for the first visit helps everyone avoid being flustered or rushed when you attend your first lesson.


Lessons are $23.50 per child (3rd family member discounted)

Fees are paid by the term and are due in full by the second week of each term unless other arrangements have been made via email.

Payments can be made by cash, direct bank deposit or internet banking using your Family ID. Please see your statement or the parent portal for these details.

Membership Fee

We also charge a once off $30 Membership Fee.


A $40 per swimmer deposit is required before th end of each term to secure your place. This is deducted from the next term’s fee.

Skills Levels & Certificates

Class levels at Berrydale Swim School are based on children’s ability not their age. We want all children to enjoy their water experience so we work with your child’s individual abilities in mind.

We aim to teach proper technique from the beginning so children are able to confidently learn each stage of the strokes and better accomplish the entire stroke.

As we are a small private school we have small class sizes. Not all children will progress at the same time. Children may need to change days and/or times to allow us to cater to their progress.

Certificates are rewarded after competent completion of the 6 criteria in a level. Children are monitored regularly to give maximum opportunity to work towards completing skills and progress through strokes.

We have a range of adult certificates starting from Beginner Level – Advanced

Class Times

Once your child’s enrolment form has been completed and their assessment has been conducted we will organise a permanent class time that is suitable to their skill level & confidence. This class time will be as close to your preferences as possible. Class times and information will be emailed to you in a Statement attached to the email.

Every new term your information for class times and account details is emailed during the school holidays. You must OPEN the attachment to view your child’s class time to avoid attending the wrong time.

It is possible that class times will change at the beginning of a new term or during a term due to individual children’s progression.
Other families may have left us, joined us or requested changes.

If at any time your class is no longer appropriate for you for any reason please let us know as soon as possible so we can attempt to make this easier for you.

Lesson Time Changes

Your lesson time can change for a new term due to a few reasons; children leave or new students enrol, current students request day changes, individual level progression & sibling co-ordinations. Please check your new invoice for times before arriving for your first lesson.

Or check out the Parent Portal for all family information.

Parent Portal

Berrydale Swim School has a Parent Portal for enrolled students. The Portal allows you to see your children’s class times, Family ID, family account balance, notify absences.

You can also see your children’s progress in their level past, current and future skill building.

Register using the email address you supplied to us, a verification code will be emailed to complete your registration. Any problems please let us know.

Questions & Concerns

If you have any questions, concerns or are unhappy with anything regarding your child/teacher or their lesson please contact us via phone call during business hours or email anytime. We always try to provide you with the best service but can’t assist with or improve situations that we are not aware of. No query or concern is too small.