Safety Rules

It is extremely important that you read the Safety Rules on the wall to your children and make sure guests are aware of them as well. Please keep yourself, young children and guests behind the fence and mats.


Fees are due by the second week of term unless a payment installment plan is in place. All fees MUST be finalised before the end of each term to be able to re enrol.


To secure a place for the next term a $40 per swimmer deposit is due by the 2nd last week of each term. This amount is deducted from the next terms total.
Deposits hold a place NOT a specific time & day.

Makeup Lessons

Makeup lessons may be available based on the following conditions;

  • You must have notified us at least 1 HOUR BEFORE your child’s lesson.
  • Term fees must be paid.
  • Maximum 3 per term
  • Makeup lessons must be completed during the term or on the following school holidays (not T4).
  • Makeup lessons do not carry over to the next term.
  • Makeup lessons can not be exchanged for cash refunds or credits towards fees.

Please Note:

  • We can not guarantee to provide makeup classes if there are no places available. We rely on families advising us of any absence as soon as they can to be able to offer places.
  • As an easier option for parents we also may organise your child’s class as a semi private (half capacity class) as a makeup lesson. This saves you coming back another time or staying longer and has more benefit as they receive more teaching time.

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FOLLOW UP FOR MAKEUP LESSONS please use the link in your Parent Portal in the Absence & makeup section to notify your availability.

Medical Absence

If your child needs to be absent for medical reasons a medical certificate will need to be supplied to receive credit.

If you have any issues with this please email Donna – donna@berrydaleswimschool.com.au

Public Holidays

We DO NOT operate on any Public Holidays.

Photography & Video

Please ensure you respect others privacy. Photos & video must not include other children. Please ask reception to let the teacher know and we can position your child to make this easier.

Newsletter & Communication

Most of the information you require is in your account available using the Family Portal

Other nformation sources;

EMAIL (If you don’t receive this correspondence via email please let us know)

  • NEWSLETTER – We EMAIL a Newsletter at the beginning of every term and a deposit reminder at the end of each term
  • FEES/TERM INFO – Emails are sent in the school holidays to every family with the coming terms dates, class times & fees.

FACEBOOK – For other updates & reminders


Please park between the lights/lines in the carpark and enter & exit slowly, quietly & safely. DO NOT REVERSE out the driveway.

One car per family in the carpark. Extra cars MUST be parked down the road in parking bays beside the park.

Class/teacher issues

If at any time, for any reason, you have ANY issues with classes or teachers please let us know either in person, by email or phone call.
We will try our best to assist with any situation.